Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Stephanie

Anita, thank you for everything! It was such a nerve-wracking experience, but you were so incredible to work with and we knew we were in the hands of an expert throughout the entire process. Your diligence did not go unnoticed and as first-time homebuyers, you made us feel secure and taken care of. I'm so thankful that Rachel recommended you. I suspect we'll take you up on the offer to provide some referrals and recommendations for our upcoming projects as we settle into our new home town :) If I'm not mistaken, we do have the opportunity to return to the house twice if we need to visit with a contractor etc. So, if that's the case, we'll be in touch with you so that we can arrange that. James just got home from work and we haven't even had a chance to celebrate yet, but we're about to settle down with some whisky to take it all in!

By: James

Hi Anita, Wow!! I can’t believe we managed to pull this off! This has been an unbelievably stressful couple of weeks for Steph & I and we are truly grateful for you putting our minds at ease throughout the whole process. You made this overwhelming experience seem completely manageable and I know that Steph will echo my sincere appreciation for everything you’ve done. Thank you so much!!!! Speak soon!

By: Daniel Hogenbirk

I grew up in a family that loved to travel. This instilled in me a passion and desire to be able to see and explore the rest of the world over my lifetime. Hearing at a young age that most working adults did not have the freedom in their schedules or generate enough income to do what I wanted to do I started exploring my options. Real Estate Investing has been a great accelerator for me on the path to financial freedom to make my goals reality. Most likely moving financial freedom as early as my 30's! Anita has helped me considerably in the beginning of my real estate journey. Connecting me with Mortgage and Insurance agents, Trades people, letting me know which stores to purchase materials from and helping me with Tenant selection. She is an extremely knowledgeable person in this space and has a passion for helping others. I would Definitely recommend taking the time out of your day to learn from her to help your financial future. Hope this is what you are looking for!

By: Bill & Corrie

As real estate investing amateurs the biggest challenge we faced was figuring out how to invest in the Durham Region, and what strategy was the correct one for us. We luckily stumbled onto Doors to Wealth and signed up for an Oshawa Investment Tour. We arrived for the tour feeling a little nervous and out of place. That feeling disappeared when we met Anita as she quickly evaluated our level of experience and began to teach us about investing in Oshawa real estate. As Anita drove us around the tour, she provided us with information, answered every question we had, and shared her valuable experiences as a real estate investor. Anita’s experience, confidence, and knowledge reinforced our desire to invest in real estate and we quickly bought our first investment property with her as our realtor. Our relationship didn’t end at this point, Anita made it clear that she was available to guide us in the process of renovating and renting our property. True to her word, Anita answered all questions and offered advice throughout the process. With our first investment property a success, we had no question about who we wanted to help us buy our second. Anita’s low pressure, educational, professional, approach was perfect.

By: Candace

I met Anita on an Oshawa Home Tour with the Doors to Wealth Real Estate Group and I was immediately impressed with her vast knowledge of investment strategies and the process to legalize secondary suites. Anita herself has been an investor for many years and she is very generous sharing her advice and experiences with me. With Anita as my realtor I have successfully purchased, renovated and rented 5 rental properties in 18 months. Anita works with me to find properties that fit my strategy and budget and she always has my best interest in mind. I can’t imagine running my business without her and I will continue to use Anita for future purchases.

By: Aneesa Hosein and Shaun Bifna

We were looking for an agent to purchase another investment property. Upon meeting Anita; my husband and I knew she would be the agent we wanted to work with. Her calm personality coupled with strong negotiation skills landed us the property. Her assistance didn’t stop there. She knew as an investor we would do an appraisal after the fact; so she sent us comparables so that we could be prepared. During our renovations she checked in to see how we were doing. She seemed to know exactly what we needed before we did. It is very rare to meet an agent who is as organized and calm as Anita is no matter what. It was truly a pleasure working with her. We have purchased many homes with other agents before; and I can attest that working with Anita was a memorable experience. We consider her highly recommended to anyone looking for a reliable and effective agent. She was a sea of calm; tackling each task with a smile.

By: Darren Beauchesne

Anita, Michael and the team at Doors to Wealth were a breath of fresh air after a bad first real estate experience. I was looking to buy my first home, but also wanted it to be an investment property. Anita was very knowledgeable about the durham region where I wanted to buy, was able to explain all of the requirements for a multi family property, and best of all had investor tours of the area to check out all of the local duplex and triplex properties. I would not hesitate to recommend Anita, Michael and the Doors to wealth team to anyone looking to purchase a home, whether it be an investment or single family home.

By: Doug Hunter

Anita is a consummate professional. With extensive knowledge of investor strategies, bylaws, area and her negotiation skills, has made our latest acquisition a smooth transaction.

By: Daniel H.

I worked with Anita through the process of purchasing my first rental property. I found her knowledge and expertise to be very helpful in choosing the right property. After explaining to her my situation and budget she knew right away which type of property I should be focusing on. She had the patience to show me several properties that I thought may be a good fit, but may be a challenge for my experience level and or out of my price range. Through these viewings and educating me during the process she helped me come to the conclusion she knew was originally best for me. After finding a property that would be a good fit, she helped me in making an offer that was both accepted and had several clauses that saved me several thousand dollars in the renovation process. All in all, I had a good experience with Anita and am looking forward to looking for my second property with her this Fall!

By: Victor Huang, Ontario

My name is Victor Huang. And about two and a half years ago, we met Michael Dominguez in one of the conferences. Michael Dominguez had dinner with us to ask about what we are looking for, what we want to do and our objective and how to get stuff. We started investing in him about two and a half years ago. Read more …

By: Chris Matheson, Ontario

We had known Michael Dominguez for a while. He helped us purchase our primary residence. We’ve always wanted to get into real estate investing, and Michael guided us along the way. We took an opportunity and we got into the market. … it doesn’t take long to gain the confidence in them that they know what they’re talking about, but not that they just expect you to take their word for it. They really guide you through the process, they educate you, which is an approach that is far more beneficial than just taking somebody’s word for it. Read more …

By: Sarah Coupland, Ontario

My name is Sarah Coupland, and I kind of fell into real estate investing. I was super broke and living in my parent’s garage and trying to buy a house. I was told that basically the only way that I could get a mortgage is if I had either a spouse or tenants. I decided to go the tenant route. Then from there, I’ve built my portfolio. I saw the value in it and have just kept going from there on. I actually met Michael at a Landlords Association meeting in Cobourg. I’m an investor in the Cobourg area, and he was needing help with some property management in Cobourg area. He approached me after the meeting and asked if I could help manage one of his properties, so I did. From there, I decided to offer property management services to other people as well and I quit my job. Michael’s actually the reason why I became self-employed and had my own business. From there, we built a relationship and he had a lot of knowledge about rentals and multi-unit properties. He helped us buy our next property after that which was a four-plex in Port Hope. Read more …

By: Alymer Ng & Chong Suan, Ontario

My name is Alymer Ng, and this is my wife, Suan. We have gotten into real estate through friends, contacts. That’s how I was first introduced to Michael. I think it was really an educational experience that makes a difference. They got you involved in starting on your first property. Read more …

By: Allan Castaban, Ontario

My name is Allan Castaban. I’ve known Michael forever. He’s my best man and stuff. When he started doing this I was intrigued, but I was also a little bit skeptical. I wanted to see how it works. … [now] We closed our sixth one. Five of them is ready running and the sixth one we are doing some renovations. It should be ready in a month or two. … I will definitely recommend Mike. I mean, he knows his stuff and he’s a great salesman. He knows the investing business right. He does himself– Read more …

By: Jason Shackelton - Ontario

I got started in real estate investment. I was really interested in business entrepreneurship and passive wealth, and trying to set myself up for a better future, financially. I started reading a lot of books, Don R. Campbells, anything about real estate I’d get my hands on. When I was ready to take action, I went online. I was looking for a realtor that could be on page with what I was doing, so Mike was actually blogging, and he wrote an article called “Never Buy Negative Cash Flow.” It was great, exactly what I was thinking. He read all the same books, so I knew I had to get in contact with him. That’s how I got started and that’s how I met Mike, originally. Starting out, I was fairly young, didn’t have too much money, so he took me seriously when a lot of people really wouldn’t, right? I’m starting out, I don’t have that much money, and he was able to sit down with me and give me a shot. We went from there. Read more …

By: Michelle Palma - Ontario

Michael has been an inspiration. He has been awesome in guiding people through exactly what they need to do. It’s been really great to be able to walk into that process and not have any glitches. Read more …

By: Tom Sullivan - Ontario

I met Michael through a different meetup and that meetup was primarily working on rent to own homes. Michael was doing a presentation on two family properties and I’ll work with any agent. They bring me the deal and I’ll put my offering with that agent. Michael specialises in it, so he was the agent for me. Read more …

By: Jenna and Mike Matier, Ontario

I would absolutely recommend the Doors to Wealth family to newbies… actually, I recommended them to a friend today. Absolutely would recommend them because they train you if you’re new and they’re going to speak your language if you’re a veteran, and both have such a high value. Read more …

By: Sophia Lee & Winter Ng - Oshawa, Ontario

Michael is a real estate agent specialized in helping investors to buy legal multi-unit properties that cash flow positively. We met him in Durham REI meeting in 2011. Since then, he helped us buy 7 amazing 2-unit properties. He knows the Durham area especially Oshawa very well. His is resourceful and hardworking, which enables him to find good properties fast. In a few occasions, we got his phone call when the properties hit the market for only 10 minutes. He has good interpersonal and negotiating skill which is a great advantage to his clients to get the deal during multiple offers. Michael also helped us do the due diligence of the properties with the City to make sure they are legal or that they could be legalized with regards to the zoning, lot size, parking requirements. We have learned a lot from him and became a more sophisticated investor ourselves. We have referred Michael to many investors and will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for great cash flow properties. Read more …

By: Mary Johnson - Ontario

They are so experienced, they’re investors themselves, they’ve gone through it all, they’ve started with one and worked their way up. They are the best mentors, I feel because they’re not there to sell you one property, they want you to become investors. Read more …

By: Bob Durno - Pickering, Ontario

I just wanted to share this with you. Jane and I were invited to a party on the weekend to a real estate agents house. I have done a lot of inspections for him over the years. He specializes in investment properties, mostly homes with legal basement apartments. The party was to thank all the people who have bought properties from him in the past. He had his mortgage broker there, as well as a property manager who keeps the houses rented. One couple at the party have bought 10 houses, the rest I would guess on average have 2 or 3 houses. While talking with all these people everyone only had good things to say about Michael, the real estate agent. I have done many inspections for him and his clients over the years and what has always impressed me about him is he wants what is best for his clients, he is not just trying to get his commission, he wants his clients to be successful. If I find something wrong that is major during the inspection, I have heard him say to the client, lets move on and we will find one that works. He is an honest man and appears to have built a following of happy clients. If you are looking for an investment property I would recommend you speak with him. His name is Michael Dominguez at 905 7281600. His web site is doorstowealth.com

By: Craig Porter - Pickering, Ontario

Before buying my investment property I consulted with many real estate agents. I determined that Michael was the best match for myself as he approaches real estate transactions not just as an agent, but also with the mind set of an investor. After an initial consultation Michael figured out exactly what I wanted, and didn’t waste my time dragging me around to properties that didn’t meet my needs. The property I bought had a difficult closing as the tenant took the previous owner to the Landlord-Tenant Board. Michael took time out of his schedule to attend the hearing with me, and we worked together to renegotiate the terms of my closing, positively in my favour. Being a landlord, as well as a real estate agent, Michael was able to point out the needs and features desired by today’s tenants in a competitive rental market. I would highly recommend his services.

By: Tahani Aburaneh - Savy Investor Agent Certification (SIAC), and author of Real Estate Riches

He is an active learner and his goal is always to provide above and beyond what clients expect of your services… This year he acquired his Certification as a Savvy Investor Agent to further his knowledge and understanding of his client investors wants and needs. As a SIAC graduate, Micheal now is able to provide properties and knowledge to get you to build your wealth faster and with less risk. I strongly recommend Michael to investors who are looking to buy in the Durham and Northumberland regions.

By: Kate Babkova - Oshawa, Ontario

When I first started in real estate investing nobody really told me how critical it is to find a realtor who specializes in working with investors. As a result, I’ve wasted about 10 months working with realtors who had no idea what they were doing when it came to looking for quality cash-flowing properties. Worse of all – they didn’t know the market and didn’t specialize in a sub-market. They were just trying to push me anything and everything and all over the place! I met Michael at Durham REI, and I saw a world of a difference after I started working with him! First of all, I think its important to mention that he is simply a nice guy who is passionate about what he does! And with that, he also brings expertise and thorough knowledge of Investment properties, and Durham market (not to mention that he is an investor himself) – that should tell you something. But anyways, I think its also important for me to mention that I’ve never felt pressured to work with him, he helped me for about a year by sending me comps on properties and not only that, giving me full out history on properties – without even knowing if i’ll be committing to anything with him. I am also grateful that he told me more than once to stay away from certain properties, which actually probably saved me THOUSANDS! So thank you Michael, You are a valuable asset to our Team at We Buy Houses 911 & Joint Ventures for Profits.

By: Susan Hoo and Jesus Tavarez - Oshawa, Ontario

We met Michael when we were starting our hunt for a rental property. Before Michael we knew that we wanted a property, but we had no luck in getting going. Where would we start to look, how would we know what was a good option, what are the best neighborhoods? All of these questions had kept us stuck and taking no action. Then we met Michael. He didn’t try to sell us a property, he tried to educate us on neighborhoods, types of properties and creating value in properties. He gave us a great education so that we could then make a good decision on what properties to look at then making us confident in deciding what property to buy. Michael had the advantage of being a investor himself so that he knows the industry really well. That helped us not only in the purchase but in getting it ready for rental. He has great contacts that helped us every step of the way, from mortgage broker to home inspection to property management. Our journey to acquiring our first property was great, we felt well educated, and confident in our purchase thanks to Michael. Our rental property continues to perform well and now we are working towards buying even more with Michael as a key part of our team.

By: Stephen Lewis - Oshawa, Ontario

When I started working with Michael I had been trying to purchase my second property for some time but my agent at the time either wasn’t focused on my needs or didn’t have his finger on the pulse of the income property market. In any case I made the switch to Michael which turned out to be a smart move. We looked at lots of properties before I made my purchase. He understood what I was looking for and because he has income properties himself he could advise on many different fronts; not just the purchase. If I decide to expand on the portfolio Michael will be the first one I call and in the mean time I enjoy keeping in touch with him as a friend and advisor.

By: Rob and Jennifer Break - Oshawa, Ontario

If anyone is looking for a great agent with a wealth of information on Durham Region and Northumberland County, Michael is the right man for the job. My wife Jen and I purchased a income property through Michael and thanks to his great insight we doubled our expected cash flow and my wife was able to resign from her job to stay home with our kids. We were both pleasantly surprised at the knowledge and advise Michael provided. He is very personable and really made sure that we understood every step so that we could make the right decisions. We look forward to buying many more properties with Michael’s help.

By: Lukas Wywrot - Toronto and Oshawa

I found Michael by accident when I was selling a property that I just renovated. He was very easy to work with and stood out by leaps and bounds compared to most other conventional agents I have dealt with in the past. Ever since then I have been using him as one of my go-to agents. He is great at what he does, is very knowledgable about the Durham market and comes with my recommendation.

By: Quentin D’Souza - Head of the Durham REI

Michael is an agent who cares about his clients. He is very knowledgeable on the various types of rental properties that are out there, and he knows the areas around the Durham Region very well. He would be an asset to your real estate power team.

By: Patricia Bisasor - Oshawa, Ontario

One of my greatest aspirations was to become a Real Estate investor. I eventually took some classes but after completion of the courses plus doing a mentor ship program, I was still scared to purchase properties. I did n’t know where to look nor what to look for, so I wasted a lot of time doing nothing. I met Michael along with several other realtors and immediately he stood out above the rest. He has an extensive knowledge base, he was in tune with the current market and does a great job helping investors find properties in Durham Region. Michael is like a bridge that helps you get to where you want faster. He took me around Oshawa, educated me about the area and about good investment properties. He helped me to attain my first Cash-flowing property in Oshawa. Michael is so passionate about helping people that to close the deal on this property he drove from Oshawa to Toronto, 8:30 pm, to meet me at work to sign papers. His work ethics and professionalism is 2nd to none, I highly recommend him and look forward to doing future business.

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