Kris Lewis

Kris enters the residential investment arena of the real estate industry armed with a plethora of value to his clients. To say he brings a lot to the table for area and would-be investors is a profound understatement!

A formal education in finance earned him a Commerce Degree and underscored for him the leveraging and capital growth capabilities of real estate holdings. A multinational corporate business background in insurance and risk management has developed in him a keen understanding of profitability, an aptitude for minimizing liability and a knack for creating cash flow shelters within assets. Balancing out all that, is Kris’s personal experience as a real estate investor and stake holder in Durham Region’s thriving residential investment marketplace. As an owner of multiple units, Kris knows firsthand how to navigate the process of acquisition from the ground up; from offer negotiation to legalization, he is on top of impact legislation, city by-laws and ordinances, construction and development and of course, everything from the maintenance and servicing to the economics of being a landlord.

A previous winner at the Canadian Real Estate Wealth (CREW) Investor Awards, Kris is a sought after commodity within this niche market.